The Fitch Solutions 操作风险 Index takes an in depth look 在 challenges and/or enabling mechanisms that each business environment holds.

This webinar will unpack the Fitch Solutions 操作风险 Index, analysing country scores for major markets and presenting some key highlights across different regions around the world. The 操作风险 Index provides a holistic picture of business environment risks across 201 markets worldwide, enabling investors and key stakeholders to make country comparisons and stronger value chain risk management. This index gives a well-rounded view of the physical and institutional infrastructure risks in a country, using a wealth of comparable metrics, 每季度更新. Each country has a headline 操作风险 Index score, which is made up of four equally weighted categories, namely ‘Labour Market Risk’, “物流风险”, 的贸易 & Investment Risk’ And ‘Crime & 安全风险”.

主题s covered will include:

  • Overall 操作风险 Rankings
  • Regional Business Environment Brightspots
  • Labour Market Risks (EM vs DM)
  • Logistics Risks (supply chains, transport & 公用事业)
  • Trade and Investment Risk
  • 新兴的安全风险

Chiedza Madzima

Head of 操作风险 & 南非研究

Chiedza Madzima is the Head of 操作风险 (Global) and the 南非研究 team at Fitch Solutions, 一家惠誉集团公司. Chiedza produces research content with a specialisation in business environment analysis particularly in Emerging Markets. She also helps to ensure the coherence of operational risk analysis and drive connected thinking in the industry research teams. She has been featured in various regional and global news publications, including Bloomberg and has made contributions to radio programs. Chiedza joined the Fitch Solutions team in 2015, having previously attained experience in risk and supply chain management in the Southern 非洲 region, working in 南非 and 津巴布韦. Her main areas of expertise are regulatory risk analysis, financial analysis and data modelling. Chiedza holds two degrees: A BCom degree with a double major in Business Management and Statistics, as well as a BSc degree with a double major in Actuarial Mathematics and Financial Engineering; both from the University of Pretoria in 南非.

THIS COMMENTARY IS PUBLISHED BY FITCH SOLUTIONS COUNTRY RISK & INDUSTRY RESEARCH and is NOT a comment on 网赌娱乐正规真人(Fitch Ratings)' Credit Ratings. Any comments or data are solely derived from Fitch Solutions 国家风险 & 行业研究 and independent sources. 网赌娱乐正规真人(Fitch Ratings) analysts do not share data or information with Fitch Solutions 国家风险 & 行业研究.



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